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"back to back" to create a classic 25, Olympic "Kunming chamber of Commerce in Quanzhou? PEAK cup basketball tournament will be opened in the gymnasium of Yunnan Normal University, which is the Quanzhou chamber of Commerce in return for another basketball event held in Kunming, the people of Yunnan. And "back to back" mode of operation has become a classic of the cup. jointly organized by the Kunming Municipal Federation of industry and commerce, Kunming Quanzhou chamber of Commerce, Yunnan province Students Association "Kunming chamber of Commerce in Quanzhou? PEAK cup basketball tournament, is from Quanzhou entrepreneurs and people in the spring event to celebrate the Olympic Games in Beijing before the arrival of. It is understood that basketball in Fujian, Quanzhou has a good mass base, is a favorite sport by the local peop cheap foamposites le. With the deepening of reform and opening up, a large number of Quanzhou people have flocked to the whole country to do business or start industry, contributing to the local economic development. But they get development after the love of basketball has vowed to create a warm atmosphere of basketball, around the Quanzhou chamber of Commerce for many years in the local organization of a series of basketball game, made outstanding contribution to the promotion and popularization of basketball. 4 years ago, the Quanzhou chamber of Commerce in Kunming successfully hosted the "Quanzhou chamber of Commerce Cup" basketball match in Kunming, and achieved good social benefits. This year, the game again "airborne" Kunming, basketball in Kunming is undoubtedly a promotion. Flexible business model with the "back" of the tournament, each team compe Cheap air jordan 12 ovo ted will get a title in Quanzhou Kunming enterprise support, a team to solve the funding problem, on the other hand, the enterprise decomposition Title team, not only to reduce the burden on enterprises, but also promote and expand the Quanzhou enterprises in Kunming the image, can shoot two hawks with one arrow. competition from the province's universities, secondary schools, troops, a total of 16 teams to enter the competition, the first stage of the group cycle, the second stage of the cross elimination tournament. All competitions will be held at the Beijing Normal University Gymnasium, and Kunming TV will also broadcast the opening ceremony and the opening match. (Editor: admin)In May this year, held in Bishan, "the fourth China western international shoes Fair", has now collected an order of intent about 3000000000 yuan. Yesterday, cheap jordans for sale mens the city government announced that as of now, the number of exhibitors has reached 2500 global merchants. Bishan county magistrate to the text said, Chongqing leather shoes will enter India during the year, to attract European footwear factory into Chongqing production base. intention to purchase large single over 3 billion yuan according to introducing, this shoe Fair's time is on May 18th -20 days, "unlike in former years, this year's shoe fair mainly catch international order and cooperation opportunity."." To disclose to the text, so far, the county has a total of more than 1300 shoe enterprises, operating households, forming an annual output of 62 million pairs of leather shoes, annual output value of about 4000000000 yuan of industrial scale. in this shoe fair, exhibitors from the United States, Italy, Russia, India, Brazil, P cheap jordans for sale akistan and Zhejiang, Guangdong, Fujian and other more than 20 provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions), exhibitors reached 25 million people, is 4 times the previous shoes fair. , , Chongqing,, India "in order to make great efforts to open up the international market, this year, the Bishan county government will organize a delegation to India for the recommendation meeting. The main products will be about 100 yuan per pair of Chongqing leather shoes."." To the text, India is a populous country, but the footwear industry is developing slowly; in addition, the products from the western shoes to India, through Burma or the Qinghai Tibet Plateau transportation, transportation is convenient. "We have already investigated, and the consumption level in India is very suitable for western shoes."." at present, Bishan and India have 2 Retro jordans for sale leather shoes dealer cooperation negotiations, is expected in this shoe fair can be finalized nearly 200 million yuan purchase big single. In addition, the county is working with China's business officials and local governments in India. shoe fair throws 6000 jobs, will provide 6000 jobs in order to solve the problem of the labor gap in shoe-making enterprises. With the western shoe enterprises to accelerate the development of many of the previous manual workshop upgraded to assembly line production, the demand for manpower has increased substantially. In September last year, the employment gap in Bishan shoe enterprises reached more than 30 thousand people. in order to solve the labor problem, in addition to Guizhou, Sichuan, Wanzhou and Qianjiang, Bishan county government also began to work with the city's 7, 8 districts and counti Retro jordans for sale es to discuss labor cooperation. The county government official said that this year the implementation of the new labor contract law and other reasons, Dongguan, Wenzhou's two largest shoe-making enterprises have shut down, before a lot of work in the coastal Chongqing began to return home to find jobs, western shoe labor is gradually warming. 〈 /)Roshe Run Nike there are a lot of classic color, but you certainly did not see this time brought about by the wasp! The lake is green and purple collocation reminds you of the reversal drama yesterday the Hornets overtime escapement bucks? At this time the sale of this color, have to say that this coincidence is too coincidence! However, even without this layer of meaning, this small fresh color is enough to attract people's eye. Love the shoes fans can focus on Rock City Kicks, to obtain specif cheap jordans online ic information on sale. source: City Kicks Rock the day before, "Chinese men's shoes production base" development strategy seminar held in the seminar, the experts gathered to create "Chinese men's shoes production base - Heshan" to give advice and suggestions. it is understood that the Heshan footwear industry has a long history in Guangdong province. After the reform and opening up, Heshan footwear industry development, the Heshan municipal government to actively implement a series of preferential policies on investment, create a favorable environment for the development of Heshan healthy development of the footwear industry, a number of large scale, strong and reputable foreign and private shoe-making enterprises rapid rise, rapid development, become the industry of Heshan city in the system of second special industries. a Cheap air jordans for sale t present, Heshan's registered footwear production and related enterprises reached 333, of which more than 48 enterprises, foreign enterprises 15, operating all kinds of shoes trading enterprises (including outlets) 613. In the most prosperous development of the footwear industry, 98% of the world's brand-name leather shoes are OEM in Heshan. At the same time, Heshan Footwear Association and footwear enterprises realize that Heshan shoe industry scale development, improve their own competitiveness, must have their own characteristics, therefore, Chinese men's shoes production base of the creation came into being. experts believe that the idea to create "China men's shoes production base" brand in the region of Heshan city will be a critical role to the future development of the footwear industry in Heshan, the establishment of industry cheap jordan shoes for men quality certification system for the footwear industry in Heshan, promote the industry technical innovation, the independent brand construction to improve the enterprise internal management has a positive effect. (Editor: admin)Recently, the network rumors Jordan Brand again next month for us to launch a new color of the Air Jordan 9 Retro Low. The black leather covered with excellent selection of low shoe body, supplemented by red decorative details and lining, finally equipped with white outer end of the end, interested friends may wish to pay more attention to. item: 832822-001 release date: April 16thPrice: air-jordan-9-retro-low.jpg (142.19 KB, download number: 15) download Air Jordan 9 Retro Low Bred 2016-3-10 09:48 upload air-jordan-9-retro-low-1.jpg (130.7 KB, download number: 12) download Air Jordan 9 Retro Low Bred 2016-3- Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping 10 09:48 upload air-jordan-9-retro-low-3.jpg (152.26 KB, download number: 8) download Air Jordan 9 Retro Low Bred 2016-3-10 09:48 upload air-jordan-9-retro-low-2.jpg (150.31 KB, download number: 13) download Air Jordan 9 Retro Low Bred 2016-3-10 09:48 Jordan, upload and network 00Lakers rookie langzuo · Bauer before entering the NBA launched $495 signature shoe, the pompous behavior has been strongly questioned by the outside world. but the ball home but will not become a low-key, this is not, they engage in things -- Beijing September 1st, langzuo's brother Ramelow · Bauer officially launched personal signature shoes The Melo Ball 1, the price is $395, $100 cheaper Branzo signature shoe, and his shoes also from the Bauer family of brand Big Baller Brand. new shoes available at the same time, father Bauer Laval · consistently pompous speech, he claimed that this pair of shoes is the "industrial reformer", personally designed by the 16 year old Ramelow. In appearance, the shoes are made of red and black gray, and the vamp design contains streamlined lines. · Bauer, the father of Laval; own brand Big Baller Brand has opened the pre-sale mode, is expected in December this year officially shipped. At the same time, ramelow · Bauer became the first player in the history of the high school students have their own signature shoes. In this regard, the ball dad has always proudly declared that "history has been rewritten."." in fact, the Bauer family is a family of basketball, father Lawal and mother Tina were college basketball players. As an amphibious athlete, Lawal also played for the NFL European Union, the kings of london. Since their childhood, the three brothers have played in a team coached by their father, who has a remarkable basketball talent. as everyone knows, this summer, the Losangeles Lakers used the pick off brother Zuo Lang · Bauer. With a stunning data averaging 16.3 points, 7.7 rebounds, 9.3 assists and 2.5 steals, Zuo Lang won the Las Vegas Summer League MVP, at the same time as the Lakers winning the first ever player, the new season in the foreseeable future. in addition, now read four Lian Gerald and three of the Ramelow family, have the same terrible basketball gene. His younger brother Leigh Angelo was in this season's single game scoring 72 points, dropped into 13 three pointers. In February this year, the high school playoffs, play the main Samuel Ramelow even scored 92 points score in the game. Among the 2019 freshmen entering the University, Ramelow has topped the list ten times. has three such excellent sons, and his father, old Bauer, publicly said in April that he hoped to get a package contract for his three sons. At the same time, sponsor brand and its own company Big Baller Brand launched joint brand cooperation, shoes endorsement fees and to reach more than $1 billion. Such harsh conditions, many have the willingness to sponsor brands have chosen to retreat far away. after fruitless negotiations, the father in the name of the family brand, as langzuo · Bauer D personal first signature basketball shoes ZO2, let him become.You have read the FB, called NIKE SHOES (HK). He insists he is American. On line Y. I went to see to profit, and no one knows the customs and D fake shop bonuses, most people and so timid, so many people in the factory goods sold than Li Ping

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